Twitter’s Music Service Poised To Launch

Digging the social music vibe, Twitter’s launching its own music system.

Twitter’s Music Service Poised To Launch

Twitter’s music page at is very nearly live, and the expectation is that it will launch today.

Music discovery service We Are Hunted was recently acquired by Twitter, and has just shut its doors, ready to help Twitter get into the music game. Celebrity Ryan Seacrest then tweeted this week that he was playing with Twitter’s new “music” app, which surprised many as there’d been no other warning from Twitter. But with the arrival of the new URL it’s obvious that Twitter is bent on getting into music, perhaps in the same way it’s just leveraged Vine to bring video into its core social networking business.

Music discovery and Twitter would seem to be a perfect marriage, and Twitter’s timing couldn’t be better because the digital streaming music business is exploding right now and players from Apple to Facebook are desperately trying to win an audience.

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