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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Google Glass, PETA Drones, And More

MEC recently put a select group of employees through happiness training. The results were impressive and forward-thinking companies should be looking into this field for the betterment of their employees and the company. This story and more in this week's top 10.

10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Google Glass, PETA Drones, And More

1. First Look: How The Google Glass UI Really Works
Much has been said about the potential (both good and bad) of Google Glass, but Mark Wilson gets into what it is actually like to use the controversial tech glasses.

2. PETA's New Hunter-Hunting Drones
Fast Company
Never one to shy away from controversy, PETA is launching drones to stalk hunters.

3. How One Company Taught Its Employees How To Be Happier, And What Happened Next
Happy employees are more engaged, more productive, and better managers. It's time for companies to start investing in happiness.

4. Why Your iPhone Addiction Is Snuffing Your Creativity
Fast Company
The proliferation of phones and powerful mobile tech has unlocked many opportunities, but it is becoming increasingly important to know when to put it down.

5. Facebook Opens The Door To Dislikes, With Emoticons
I was just thinking that this was exactly what Facebook needed...

6. 3 Ways To Teach Yourself To Become Smarter
Fast Company
Contrary to popular belief, intelligence may not be static. Here's how to increase that IQ.

7. Ron Johnson's 5 Key Mistakes At JC Penney, In His Own Words
Fast Company
One of Apple's best and brightest couldn't turn JC Penny around. Who would have guessed that Apple's principles couldn't be applied to a discount department store?

8. This Entire Building Is Powered By Its Algae-Filled Walls
Don't wipe that algae off the wall—it's powering the building!

9. Love Poop: A New Ad Campaign Wants You To Examine Your Waste
A quick peek before you flush may help you stay healthy.

10. Software Changing The Future Of Retail: Trends To Watch
From QR codes to targeted ads, here are some top retail trends to watch in the coming months.

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