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Fox News Beaming Coupons To iPhones

Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and Shaw Media are testing a product which will beam product coupons to customers watching television commercials.

Fox News is testing out new interactive advertisements that beam coupons to iPhones and iPads. In an announcement today, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and Shaw Media said they are teaming up with mDialog for the pilot project. Using the system, according to Adweek's Christopher Heine, companies can automatically beam Passbook coupons to customers watching their commercials on iOS devices or Apple TV. The product will also launch shortly in alternate formats that will allow advertisers to beam coupons to users' Roku boxes, Xboxes, Android phones, and Windows desktops.

The project is an early effort to have television advertisements seamlessly follow viewers from their home television to their mobile phone. "Our goal was to try and reinvent the TV commercial and update it in the age of tablets and smart phones and social interaction. The challenge is to do it in a way that requires no effort by the viewer and doesn’t get in the way of the TV programming," Greg Philpott of mDialog said in a release.

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