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The Code War

Gaming Companies Hit By Cyberattack

A new paper claims China-based hackers have been systematically stealing source code and network infrastructure information from MMORPGs since 2010.

Gaming Companies Hit By Cyberattack

China-based hackers have been systematically attacking video gaming companies since at least 2010, a new report claims. Kaspersky Labs says that the hacker group, called Winnti, has been using trojans to steal source code from gaming companies all over the world. The attacks are centered on China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, although game developers in the United States, Brazil, and Russia have also been targeted. Most of the victims are companies specializing in developing massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). Victims of the hack were not named in the paper.

Forged certificates were used to help access servers; once companies fell victim to the cyberattacks, the hackers stole source code and looked up information relating to MMORPG online infrastructure, design, and conceptual ideas. Kaspersky Labs also claims elements of the attack share surprising similarities with previous hacks of South Korean social network Cyworld and of both Tibetan and Uighur activists.

[Image: Royal Air Force]