Google Creates Digital Will And Testament

Ensuring your digital persona won’t live on without you.

Google Creates Digital Will And Testament

Google cares about you, now, and in death.

The company announced on its blog today that their new feature, Inactive Account Manager, will allow users to decide what happens to their accounts after they die.

The feature will notify you after three, six, nine or 12 months of inactivity (depending on your settings), then send you a text message warning you that the settings will take effect. Accounts can be deleted entirely, or transferred over to trusted friends and family; Google+ and Blogger accounts and Picasa Albums, for example. Google will also notify people at your request when your accounts are transferred or deleted.

Companies like NowSayIt offer a digital service that helps you communicate with loved ones with your last words, photos, etc. after you die. Facebook also allows family members to call the service and “memorialize” a user’s page.

[Image: Flickr user Danny Sullivan]


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