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Where Are They Now?

Samsung Creates The Biggest Phone In The World

The Galaxy Mega is just 0.7 Of An Inch Smaller Than An iPad Mini.

All hail and bow down to the biggest dog of them all (although not as big as this one): Samsung's new Galaxy Mega. It's a smartphone with a huge 6.3-inch screen.

The Verge, good little tech site that it is, has all the specs.

It's Android, it's got an HD screen, it's good for movies, for running two apps simultaneously—yes, folks, run and hide, it's a Phablet!

While Samsung says that the Mega is compact enough to fit into one hand—one of these ones?—the firm has also released a smaller version, with a screen that clocks in at 5.8 inches.

Both devices will go on sale in Europe and Russia next month. Ah, rats.