Happy Birthday Gmail!

What a great nine years it has been.

Happy Birthday Gmail!

Remember the days when Google Mail was a much-talked about service and it seemed you needed to be part of a special club to get an invite (or in my case beg a college roommate who knew someone who had interned for the tech company that summer) to join? What a long trip it’s been in the past near-decade for Gmail, which is celebrating its ninth birthday this month. “This April marks Gmail’s 9th birthday, and as year ten gets underway, it’s a good opportunity to look at how much has changed: the curse of the Bambino was broken, Martin Scorsese finally won an Oscar, and we stopped referencing Xena the Warrior Princess in our blogposts. And during that time, Gmail—and online communication as a whole—evolved too,” Google software engineer Zohair Hyde wrote in the company’s blog.

So just how much has it evolved? Check out Google’s own graphic below:

[Image: Flickr user Torontorob]


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