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PC Sales Drop 14%

Is this the beginning of the end of the desktop computer as we know it?

PC Sales Drop 14%

In the first three months of 2013, Americans bought fewer personal computers at a sharper decline than any three-month period since 1994, when record-keeping began, Reuters reported Wednesday. Sales fell by 14%, which is particularly troubling for Microsoft and their new Windows 8 software, which was supposed to change everything for PCs.

According to Reuters, consumer spending has shifted towards tablets and smartphones. In fact, Windows 8 may have pushed potential buyers away who were enticed by the touchscreen and laptop combination, but hesitant because of the price point.

"Users are finding Windows 8 to offer a compromised experience that doesn't excel either as a new mobile interface or in a classic desktop interface," Jay Chou, of the International Data Corp told Reuters. "As a result, many users find a decline in the traditional PC experience without gaining much from new features like touch. The result is that many consumers are worried about upgrading to Windows 8, to say nothing of business users who are still just getting into Windows 7."