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Ending Slavery: The Billionaire's Club Innovations

Australia's Andrew Forrest Gets Help From Bill Gates, Richard Branson

Ending Slavery: The Billionaire's Club Innovations

Australia's richest man, Andrew Forrest, has long been committed to ending worldwide slavery, and he recently gained some sage advice and a few dollars from fellow billionaire, Bill Gates. Find a way to quantify slavery, Gates posited, while pledging a cool $28 billion, Bloomberg News reports today.

"Global modern slavery is hard to measure and Bill’s a measure kind of guy," Forrest, founder of the Walk Free anti-slavery charity, told Bloomberg. "If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist," he said.

At the behest of Gates' advice, Forrest plans to publish the Global Index of Modern Slavery in August, which will outline the modern state of slavery in 160 countries. Forrest, who deals in iron ore, has also enlisted Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson, to help Walk Free.

He and Forrest are part of the Giving Pledge Initiative, started by Gates and Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffet in February. They will donate half of their wealth to philanthropic causes as part of the pledge.

[Image: Flickr user ehavir]