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Demo Of The Day: See The World With Google Street View Hyper-Lapse

This demo ingeniously stitches together Google Street View photos to create incredible "hyper-lapse" videos of just about any road on Earth. The best part? The software is open-source and very simple to use, opening up the possibility for spectacular location-based mashups.

Demo Of The Day: See The World With Google Street View Hyper-Lapse

Hyper-lapse videos are taking the Internet by storm, but creating them is a time-consuming and difficult process because it requires taking many photographs from precise locations and stitching them together in editing software. What if you could tap into a source of preexisting photos of nearly the entire world, taken from predictable angles with location data already embedded in them?

That was the thought behind Toronto-based web agency Teehan+Lax's Google Street View hyper-lapse project. The software, which they released as an open-source project on GitHub, combines Three.js, the same 3-D rendering library used in the GitHub STL viewer we highlighted yesterday, and GSVPiano.js, a library for requesting Google Street View photos. The result is a creative tool that anyone can use to create hyper-lapse videos of practically any street in the world. Because it's open-source and very easy to implement (about 40 lines of JavaScript to create a video), we can't wait to see what developers do with it.

More on how the project came to be from Teehan+Lax's blog:

We aimed at making the process simpler by using Google Street View as an aid, but quickly discovered that it could be used as the source material. It worked so well, we decided to design a very usable UI around our engine.

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