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Details Leaking Out About Google Babel

More emoticons, easier switching from Chats to Hangouts — are you psyched yet?

Details Leaking Out About Google Babel

Details continue to leak out about Google’s new unified messaging service, called Babel. The official announcement will likely come at their I/O developer event in mid May, but the service has popped up in some Google+ user accounts and through leaks from employees via Techradar.

As Fast Company reported back in March, per Geek.com, leaked reports that Google would release “Babble,” surfaced, implying that they would link their messaging services, which would provide competition for Facebook’s new Home messaging features, and Apple’s iMessage.

Some of the newly leaked screenshots show new emoticons and that Gmail chat is now more fully integrated with Google+, so flitting between Hangouts and Chats won’t be so cumbersome. Another bonus is the ability to embed pictures in chat. Finally, we will be able to universally access all of our Google communication tools from one place.

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[Image: Flickr user Robert Scoble]