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Police Search Samsung's Offices In OLED Industrial Spying Probe

Seoul police have raided Samsung's headquarters to see if the company stole LG secrets.

Police Search Samsung's Offices In OLED Industrial Spying Probe

Samsung's Asan headquarters were visited by Seoul's Metropolitan Police who have searched for documentary evidence that Samsung benefitted from technological secrets stolen from LG for its OLED screen business.

Samsung is reported by Bloomberg as saying it has "no reason" to steal someone else's technology, and LG is said not to have called for the investigation. The probe relates to large-dimension OLED screens of the size and shape that will be used for TV screens, rather than the small scaled OLED tech which is currently used in some smartphones. OLED TVs are not yet a popular commercial reality, being available at the top price end of the luxury market, but it's likely that the tech will become critical for TV makers over the next several years. Sales of LCD TVs have, according to recently published figures, just declined for the first time ever—demonstrating a market that's at or just past saturation.

[Image: Flickr user lge]