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General Motors To Resume Paid Advertising Campaign On Facebook: Report

The car company pulled its ads right before the social network's IPO in 2012.

Apparently Facebook paid advertising may have some value—at least to a company that quit it right before the social network's IPO. The New York Times reports that General Motors is returning to Facebook for a test drive of a mobile-only ad campaign.

The two went through an ugly breakup in 2012 when G.M. announced it was pulling its $10 million of annual Facebook paid advertising (they still have a large presence using free social media tools), telling the Wall Street Journal at the time that it had "little value". "It’s not unusual for us to move our spending around various outlets, especially with the growth of social and digital media outlets," Tom Henderson, a spokesman for the automaker, told the Times at the time. Back in July of 2012, it was rumored that they were considering going back into business together, but little came until now.

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