U.S. Teens Still Picking iPhone

Android isn’t exactly being crowned prom queen quite yet.

U.S. Teens Still Picking iPhone

Samsung may enjoy mocking Apple in its commercials as the phone for older people, but American teens are still overwhelmingly choosing the iPhone as their communication mode of choice, a new study by a Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster found.

As reported by Macrumors, Munster found that 62% of teens in the U.S. who expected an iPhone to be their next phone (no word on what their parents thought of that idea) and 63% of those who own a tablet own an iPad. 48% of the teens surveyed said they currently owned iPhones–up from 40% in the Fall of 2012.

While the iPad still was the overwhelming favorite among teens who owned a tablet, it wasn’t all rosy news: In the Fall of 2012 72% of teens who owned a tablet said they owned an iPad (though the overall number of teens owning a tablet increased by 7% between surveys).

[Image: Flickr user William Hook]


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