Apple Producing 5th-Gen iPad In July: Rumor

Apple Producing 5th-Gen iPad In July: Rumor has a spotty reputation when it comes to Apple rumors, but the site has generated a lot of buzz right now about a rumored delay to the Apple iPad launch, which is now looking more like a summer affair compared to earlier rumours.

Digitimes’ sources say volume production will begin in July-August, which could mean the next-gen iPad will arrive sometime in the August-September window. They also suggested the new iPad would have a skinnier, lighter design than current-gen iPads, which supports earlier suggestions the tablet would take some big design cues from the current shape of the iPad mini. This also implies a thinner bezel for the iPad’s screen, which is a component that’s expected to be made by LG or Sharp. Separately, Apple manufacturer Foxconn is still said to be in negotiations with Sharp over injecting cash into its ailing display business.

Other rumors have suggested that Apple is going to launch its next iPhone over the summer months, though it’s not known if this event will include the hotly-anticipated “cheap” iPhone, or if the iPhone for 2013 is an iPhone “5S” with uprated specs but a similar body to 2012’s iPhone 5. Both this upcoming phone and the iPad will likely be the first devices to be designed for Apple’s next-gen iOS7 operating system which is rumored to sport a radical design overhaul thanks to Jon Ive.

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