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Vine Becomes Number One App In U.S. App Store

Vine, Twitter's six-second video app is at the top of the App Store download chart in the U.S. The news was announced on Twitter by Vine's creative director, Rus Yusupov, with a screenshot (but no backslap-fist pump video offering, sadly.) The six-month-old service also takes the top spot in Canada and Sweden's App Stores.

The concept initially met with a bit of head-scratching from the even the most hardened technophiles, as they searched for ways to make it work. But then came a Eureka moment, with Vine hitting the spot for both the playful and the professional.

And look, Ma! Look what we did at SXSW. Pretty damn innovative, huh?

But enough about us, what about you? What do you think of Vine? Are you getting to grips with it or does the motion-picture version of Twitpic leave you colder than an Alaskan brewski? Could you see it working well, a la Lakers, for marketing purposes or is this just a mobile version of the home movie and should be kept for personal stuff only? Tell us in the comments below, please.

[Image by Flickr user Klearchos Kapoutsis]