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Google Plus’ Popularity Growing In Social Logins

But still trails Facebook by about 10%, according to a new report.

Google Plus’ Popularity Growing In Social Logins

Facebook may still be the most popular social login for users signing into websites, but according to a recent report by social login provider Janrain, Google Plus is quickly gaining ground. The report found that Facebook dropped from the top choice for social login from 49% to 46% of people from Q4 to 2012 to Q1 of 2013 while Google’s share went from 31 to 34%.

Twitter‘s share of social logins has also decreased in recent quarters, while LinkedIn’s has risen.

So should Facebook be worried? Janrain’s Michael Olson says not quite yet.

“Despite its decreased share across all Janrain customer websites, Facebook still leads other social networks and email providers across prominent industry verticals including media, retail, entertainment and gaming, consumer brands, and music-related sites,” he wrote. “Its popularity is especially pronounced on entertainment, gaming, retail and consumer brand websites.”

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