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Sheryl Sandberg Fights Subpoena

The "Lean In" author is looking to avoid testifying against her former employer, Google.

Sheryl Sandberg Fights Subpoena

Facebook's COO, Sheryl Sandberg is seeking to quash a subpoena that would require her to testify regarding a violation of antitrust laws by Google, Apple, Intuit, Intel, Adobe Systems, Walt Disney and LucasFilm, according to a Bloomberg News report.

The seven defendants in the case allegedly signed an agreement that banned recruitment between companies. Facebook is not involved in the lawsuit, nor is Sandberg, but the former Google executive was asked to give a deposition.

Regardless, Google believes it would be in the clear, were Sandberg to give the deposition.

"Google believes that Ms. Sandberg is unlikely to offer any testimony that would be admissible or lead to admissible evidence," stated a status report from lawyers and plaintiffs on March 29.

The alleged agreement between the seven defendants is a violation of antitrust laws.