Rumor: Microsoft’s Next Xbox To Be Revealed May 21st

Microsoft has pushed back its next-gen games console launch, the rumorers say.

Rumor: Microsoft’s Next Xbox To Be Revealed May 21st

Microsoft was thought to have planned an April reveal for its next-generation Xbox games console–the putative Xbox 720, codename Durango. But according to information that’s reached the date has slid back a little to May 21st.

This first public reveal will allegedly take place at a small venue, and is likely designed to tease just a few details about the next games machine, rather than being a more technical, full specification-revealing press event. Microsoft is expected to share much more in June at the E3 games conference because the console will be a core topic at MS’s Build developer event in late June. It’s expected to go on sale by the end of 2013.

The next Xbox has been mired in controversy, thanks to a hacking matter and the suggestion it will require a permanent internet connection in order to run any games at all. Atari cofounder Nolan Bushnell has recently spoken in favor of the MS product, suggesting it will outclass its rivals. Sony’s PlayStation 4 was teased in simple event a few weeks ago, at which Sony demonstrated some of the machine’s technical prowess but kept full specs and even the look of the console’s box a secret.

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