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New WikiLeaks Diplomatic Cables: Searchable

PlusD allows users to search for official documents from 1966 up until 2010.

New WikiLeaks Diplomatic Cables: Searchable

WikiLeaks has launched a new search function allowing users to hunt for classified diplomatic files on its site. The website, a thorn in the side of most Western governments and diplomatic institutions, is also releasing the Kissinger Cables, 1.7 million diplomatic missives from the 1970s, uncovering more U.S. secrets from the past.

These cables, say Wikileaks, which sees itself as a tool that opens governments, will reveal the U.S.'s relationship with dictatorships in Latin America, Spain and Greece during the oligarchy of the Colonels back in the decade when there was a conspiracy theory for just about everything. They will be a retro companion piece to the emails from Syrian officials which the site released last year.

The PlusD archive is made up of documents that have either been declassified, leaked, or released under a freedom of information order, and it includes the 250,000 documents that WikiLeaks imaginatively called Cablegate, which were leaked a few years back, alongside Bradley Manning's dumping of sensitive information pertaining to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

WikiLeaks' spokesperson Julian Assange is currently residing at the Ecuadorian embassy in London in an attempt to avoid extradition to Sweden, which wants to question him over alleged sexual misconduct offences.