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Torment Makes Kickstarter History With $4.3 Million Haul

The old-school RPG from inXile entertainment broke the record for most money for a video game on Kickstarter.

Torment Makes Kickstarter History With $4.3 Million Haul

When we talked with Brian Fargo, CEO of inXile Entertainment, recently, their game Torment: Tides of Numenera had surpassed the $3 Million mark, making it more successful than Wasteland 2, the first old-school RPG they had posted on Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter project for Torment concluded at 8 p.m. EST on Friday and raised roughly $4.2 Million, over $4.3M if you include PayPal donations, beating the video game record previously held by Project Eternity–another old-school RPG, planned for release by Obsidian. Interestingly enough, the two companies will be sharing tech and some creative resources in the creation of their respective games. Brian Fargo said, “There is no way we would have made this kind of money if not for our fans who pushed to make it happen. What’s even better than this is being able to make the game of our dreams.”

As Torment’s numbers grew, so did the amount of stretch goals achieved, increasing the game’s size and complexity several fold. Fargo has warned the game will miss it’s original projected released date of December 2014. But for many who have waited so long for a game in the vein of 1999’s Planescape: Torment, a few extra months will be worth the wait. Kevin Saunders, the game’s project manager, said, “We feel a great sense of responsibility and commitment to our backers to deliver them the best RPG we can. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to make a game we are very passionate about.”

So what is the next step for Torment? Saunders said, “We will continue preproduction work with a small core group to define the story and key systems (those most closely tied to the story) to establish a strong foundation to bring the writers and designers in to flesh out the full story and its characters.” Fargo added, “The next step is to layout the world and get the writers going on their respective areas. This is the most creative part of the process.”

After near 15 years since the original Torment, and a month or so on Kickstarter, a new Torment game is finally happening. Fargo said he felt ecstatic, “There are few times in life that have such definitive moments.”

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