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Gnip Launches Instagram, Reddit APIs

Data aggregation firm Gnip, which resells Twitter and Tumblr's firehoses to advertisers and others, now has APIs for Reddit and Instagram.

Gnip Launches Instagram, Reddit APIs

Gnip, the aggregator firm which markets the Twitter and Tumblr firehoses (and one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies), launched APIs for Instagram, Bitly, Reddit, and several other popular services on Thursday. Firehoses are aggregate records of data from online services—essentially any data ever posted to Twitter or any other social network.

Adam Tornes, a product manager at Gnip, wrote on their corporate blog about potential uses for the new APIs, which let customers integrate data from third-party sources like Twitter and Reddit into their app. Examples include tracking photos of natural disasters posted to Instagram via geotagging metadata and monitoring brand mentions (positive and negative) on Reddit.

[Image: Flickr user woodleywonderworks]