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CIA's Venture Capitalists Invest In Radiation Detectors

In-q-Tel, the CIA-affiliated investment firm, has announced a partnership with Canadian radiation detector firm Redlen.

CIA's Venture Capitalists Invest In Radiation Detectors

In-q-tel, the CIA's venture capital arm, has announced a partnership with a Canadian radiation detection firm. British Columbia-based Redlen entered into a strategic patnership agreement with In-Q-Tel on Thursday to develop low-cost radiation detector products.

"Our partnership with Redlen will enable the acceleration of product development and commercial deployment of its CZT semiconductor radiation detection products for the defense and security marketplace," said In-Q-Tel's Syd Ulvick in a statement. "We believe that expanding this technology will greatly benefit our government customers." Redlen's detectors are already available commercially and are used for dirty bomb detection, cargo container inspection, airport baggage screening, x-ray imaging, CT scanning, and for nuclear medicine.

For the American intelligence community, In-q-tel serves as a pipeline for funding private sector technology which benefits intelligence interests. The private investment firm's last major announcement was a February partnership with handheld DNA analysis firm Bio-Nems.

[Image: Flickr user Taylar]