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How To Take The Shaky Out Of Filming Shaky Situations

The lightweight MōVI could get a steady shot in an earthquake

How To Take The Shaky Out Of Filming Shaky Situations

As most of us with home video collections know, a shaky hand behind the camera can make for a highly unpleasant viewing experience. The same challenge presents itself to Hollywood cinematographers. Until now.

Meet the MōVI M10, developed by Freefly systems. According to their website, it is a handheld, "3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal." In other words, it's a lightweight contraption that the cameraman straps to his or her chest, completely stabilizing the image.

As first pointed out by, Vincent Laforet, a decorated filmmaker/photographer, created a short film and behind-the-scenes look at how the MōVI works, and what kind of images it can produce.


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[Image: Courtesy of Flickr user DuesXFlorida]