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Codepink To Fly Drone Over Predator Manufacturer's Mansion

Activists from anti-war group Codepink are attempting to fly a UAV over the home of General Atomics' CEO.


Activists at anti-war organization Codepink are attempting to fly a—hot pink, of course—drone over General Atomics CEO Neal Blue's home.

General Atomics manufactures the Predator drones used in deadly strikes by the United States Air Force and Central Intelligence Agency.

In a tweet, Codepink representatives said that they are "On our way to home of CEO of @generalatomics, Neal Blue, to fly a #drone. Let's see how he likes it!"

Codepink, known for their anti-war guerilla theater, held an anti-drone week in late February.

[Image: Twitter user Codepink]

Update: In an email, Codepink's Medea Benjamin told Fast Company that although Codepink launched the AR.Parrot, police confiscated the drone and prevented the organization from flying it over Blue's home. The UAV was later returned.