Facebook Introduces “Home,” “A New Category Of Experiences” For Android, Available April 12, Says Mark Zuckerberg

Forget about checking Facebook on your iPhone or Android app. Or waiting until you get home. The social network introduced its own addition to the Android operating system in a highly anticipated announcement today, called “Home.”

Home, which will be available on some phones beginning April 12, is a series of apps that you can install and that becomes the home of your phone.

“Our phones are designed around apps, not people,” Zuckerberg said. “We want to flip that around.”

AT&T is teaming up with HTC to be the first partners to sell phones pre-set with Home. HTC will sell a social-based phone “HTC First” meant to give users Home optimized for the best experience. It will be available for $99.99 on April 12 and can be preordered today.

Home’s main feature, Coverfeed, shows users a giant background photo with a smaller text as an interactive newsfeed. With a single swipe, tap, and push, users can navigate their way around Home so there’s “nothing between you and your content.”

Home also includes Chatheads, which allows users to carry on conversations while using other apps or having multiple conversations at once. Text messages and Facebook messages both have the Chatheads design. By tapping and swiping, users can more easily manage multiple conversations.

Home will be available in the Android app store in about a week for some devices and users can choose whether to try it once or commit before testing it out. It will be available on tablets in a few months.


“We can all relate to this experience of being in this situation where it’s a little boring,” Zuckerberg added.

A quick look at Home, he says, can see if there’s something more interesting going on in the world.

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