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Netflix Premiere Of "Arrested Development" Set For May 26

"Arrested Development" is also developing 5 more new episodes.

Netflix Premiere Of "Arrested Development" Set For May 26

Arrested Development is making a comeback—on Netflix.

A concurrent launch is planned on May 26th at 12:01 a.m. PDT in Netflix regions across the world: Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Latin America, various Nordic nations, and the U.S. and U.K. These locales are set to stream the show's new season.

The fourth season of the show was originally set for 10 episodes, but its creator shot more material than planned and had more writing ideas, so he approached Netflix with producers 20th Century Fox TV and successfully expanded the show's episode count to 15.

Netflix said in January that 14 episodes would be shown in May, but it seems even this count was off—which is great news for fans of the comedy show.

Netflix has been experimenting with broadcasting all episodes of a season at once, as it notably did with House of Cards, in an attempt to appease a generation of TV watchers who are used to on-demand programming or who pirate shows to watch at their leisure, rather than when a network decides to share content.