North Korea’s Twitter, Flickr Accounts Hacked By Anonymous

The political war of words is followed by some online hacktivism.

North Korea’s Twitter, Flickr Accounts Hacked By Anonymous

It appears that official North Korean Twitter and Flickr accounts have been hijacked and defaced by groups that are linked to online hacking activism collective Anonymous.


The hack attacks, reported by TheNextWeb, follow last week’s hacking of North Korean news site, which was said to have resulted in the theft of 15,000 passwords.

Members of Anonymous inside North Korea are said to have assisted with the latest hack attack, which is retaliation for aggressive moves by the country’s regime and its development of nuclear weapons in defiance of international threats.

More hack activity is promised later in the month if the hackers can tackle the country’s “cyber army,” which locks down computer activity in the North and deals with the nation’s limited and walled-off Net infrastructure.

North Korea was implicated in a widespread cyber attack on South Korea recently. The secretive nation has been belligerent in its anti-U.S. threats lately,and has now reportedly moved a missile battery with “considerable range” to its East coast as part of what’s meant to be a threat on Western U.S. properties.

Other concerns center on recent North Korean space shot efforts, which may be concealed attempts to improve its ICBM missile tech.

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