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After Raising $3.6M, Sports Betting App Favourit Releases iOS App

Australian startup app integrates realtime updates, and connects fans to bookies

After Raising $3.6M, Sports Betting App Favourit Releases iOS App

If you're a gambling man, Favourit could just become your new favorite iPhone app. The Melbourne, Australia based startup hopes to have smartphone users betting away on their devices, challenging friends and connecting with bookkeepers.

The app, launched this week, came around the same time that Zynga made their foray into the online gambling market. Favourit, the company said, had already raised $3.6 million prior to the release of their free app.

According to the company's press release, they will act as the "Facebook for the sports betting world." And although Favourit allows users to bet real money, they only serve as the social mediator, while letting companies such as Paddy Power and Luxbet handle the transactions through preexisting accounts.

As in the case with Zynga, U.S. laws do not allow online gambling, but Americans will still be able to use the Favourit's virtual currency to make wagers with friends.