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Dance Fitness Class Adds New Flair To Zumba ... And Could Help You Get A Date

When Sadie Kurzban graduated from college in May, rather than find a job in finance or consulting, she decided to do something that left her with a more spring in her step: Create a startup fitness craze.

Kurzban, who is a certified Zumba teacher and a Miami native, decided to take her instructing skills and combine them with her love of the Miami club scene. The result: 305 Fitness, named for Miami's area code. It gets girls dancing and feeling sexy with pop-up classes at dance studios and lofts around New York City and Providence.

The best way to describe it? The live DJ gives it a dance-party like feel and the Latin music brings Zumba to mind. For those dancing fitness queens in the Big Apple, she's teaming up with dating expert Lindsay Kriger on April 6, from 11-1 for Embody Sexy, which includes free giveaways and a wine bar for some post-sweat networking. For other dates of pop-up classes, you can check her website here.

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[Image: Flickr user Edson Hong]