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Tech Forecast

Rdio Begins Offering Movies And TV Shows To Unlimited Music Subscribers Through Vdio

The Spotify competitor and the stealth video startup partner to bring movie and TV show streaming to Rdio's unlimited subscribers.

Rdio, the online streaming music service, has partnered with its stealth sister video startup, Vdio, to offer on-demand movies and TV shows exclusively to Rdio Unlimited subscribers in the U.S. and the U.K.

Vdio, founded by Rdio and Skype cofounder Janus Friis, is a video streaming platform—currently available on the web and the iPad—that's more of a competitor to Amazon or Apple's iTunes than it is to Netflix or Hulu, because it doesn't follow a subscription-based model, in which you pay a flat monthly fee in exchange for unlimited access to movies and shows. Instead, you can rent or purchase them.

Vdio takes some strong social discovery cues from Rdio by giving users the ability to broadcast what they're watching and create and share video playlists with friends. Of course, Vdio's not alone in this pursuit: Last week, the rumor mill was swirling with speculation that Spotify, too, was pondering its own streaming video solution. Netflix also recently began offering opt-in Facebook integration so users can share what they're watching with friends.

Vdio is expected to be available to all consumers by this summer.

[Image courtesy of Rdio]