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Smart Talk: Soundcloud and Vevo Discuss The Future Of Mobile And Sound

DATA POINT: 14,400 Hours

"We have 10 hours or more of incoming audio published every minute—that’s 14,400 hours a day—on SoundCloud. For us, it’s important that people are able to publish the entire spectrum of sound. It’s a very emotional and powerful medium."
Eric Wahlforss, cofounder and CTO, SoundCloud

SMART TALK: How will we consume music videos in the future?

"Mobile is tremendously important now. We have 4 billion streams every month, and 1 billion of those are mobile. That’s up from nearly nothing 18 months ago. We’re reorganizing our company around a fusion of mobile and television. We think that mobile is the new set-top box."
Rio Caraeff, president and CEO, Vevo

[Illustrations by Brett Affrunti]

Fast Talk: Sonic Boom

Ian Rogers, Daisy
Michelle You, Songkick
Gregory Lowe, SongBooth
Evan Lowenstein, StageIt

A version of this article appeared in the May 2013 issue of Fast Company magazine.