Michelle You’s Detour Brings The Bands To Your Neck Of The Woods

The music business has been on edge since Napster. But in 2012, global revenue spiked for the first time in 13 years. These industry innovators see a rockin’ future.

Michelle You’s Detour Brings The Bands To Your Neck Of The Woods

Michelle You

Cofounder and chief product officer, Songkick
You’s London-based company helps music fans track their favorite artists’ concert schedules. The crowdfunding project Detour, launched by Songkick last year, allows fans to pledge money toward bringing an artist to their hometown.


The Concert Maven

“We constantly talk to our users to get feedback.”
At first we wanted Songkick to be for everybody. But what we learned is that most of our users don’t go to multiple concerts a week; people who do are so into going to shows that they would find them anyway. Our core customers are the ones who don’t have time to keep up with everything. They say, ‘You’re getting me to go to three or four concerts a year. That’s great.’ 

Detour is the culmination of understanding our fans and artists and attempting to bring them together.
The impetus came from thinking, How can the product evolve? How can we make our product even more impactful? The answer: By getting fans to go to shows that they wouldn’t otherwise. The most common comment on artist Facebook pages is ‘Please, come to my city!’ Allowing fans to act on that emotion is so empowering for them. We’re really good friends with the Kickstarter guys too. We saw how well their approach worked and adapted it to what we do.

Having been to many Detours, I can tell you the feeling in the room is exciting.
One of the most memorable shows was in a tiny town called Florianopolis, in Brazil. The fans there won an Andrew Bird concert because they mobilized.”

[Photo by Ed Hepburne Scott]

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