Google Targeted For Privacy Violations Across Europe

Six separate national bodies are investigating Google’s privacy policy.

Google Targeted For Privacy Violations Across Europe

British, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish authorities are said to be considering legal action against Google because the U.S. company is said to have ignored orders to improve its privacy policy.

advertisement is reporting that Google’s March 2012 privacy changes are one of the chief sources of the problem. Google rolled many of the different privacy policies of its many services into one, and the aggregation of so much diverse data on Google’s users into one place has caused concern.

Google met with its challengers in mid-March, but since then Google has seemingly failed to comply with their challenges. European laws are, in general, stricter in terms of privacy than in the U.S., particularly with the concept of the “right to be forgotten.”

Google recently settled a separate privacy infringement case concerning its Street View system for just $7 million.

[Image: Flickr user Amio Cajander.]

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