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Delivering Newspapers Via Drone

Is a French postal service La Poste testing newspaper delivery via UAVs in rural regions?

Delivering Newspapers Via Drone

Here's a new way to get the newspaper to customers in the morning: La Poste, France's national public-private mail delivery service, is experimenting with newspaper delivery via quadrocopter in the Auvergne region. In a blog post (Français), La Poste announced that 20 postal workers in Auvergne are learning to operate Parrot AR.Drones, which they will control via provided iPhone or Android apps.

La Poste is touting the drone-based delivery service as a potential cost-cutting measure for sparsely populated rural regions. According to the agency's thinking, a skilled postal worker with a drone can slash delivery posts by flying newspapers to rural residences directly from the main road. Here at Fast Company, however, we're still waiting for the Tacocopter to become street legal as we watch our UAV-filmed movies.

Update: For the time being, alas, newspaper quadrocopters have yet to be realized. La Poste has admitted that the Parrot campaign, which was announced on March 29, was an early April Fools' prank.