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Who Changed Their Profile Picture To Support Marriage Equality?

Especially those who lived in college towns, cities and tech hubs Facebook's data gurus found.

Who Changed Their Profile Picture To Support Marriage Equality?

If it seems that all of your friends seemed to change their profile pictures on Facebook to reflect support for marriage equality, you're not alone. According to Facebook, there was a 120% increase in the change in Facebook profile photos on Tuesday from an average day in profile picture change. According to data the company analyzed: "We find that the increase in uploads does indeed start around the time when [Human Rights Campaign] began urging their Facebook followers to change their profile photos at 1 p.m. EST."

Facebook also compiled a map of the counties in the United States with the highest proportion of change in Facebook profile pictures at that time: Many of the counties that showed the most support were college towns, major cities and tech-friendly hubs.

Also unsurprisingly, people closest to the age of 30 were most likely to have changed their photo.

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