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Spread The Word: Biz Stone's New Startup Is Called Jelly

It's a "native mobile" experience aimed at smartphones and tablets.

Spread The Word: Biz Stone's New Startup Is Called Jelly

Biz Stone's new venture has partially been revealed: Jelly. Kara Swisher on AllThingsD is reporting that the cofounder of Twitter has a new "native mobile" venture. Which no one is quite sure what that means.

The details are scant—so scant that you could probably fit the information on a tweet and repeat it without going over the 140-character limit. There is a team of four or five employees, the launch is imminent, and it will probably be backed by Stone's accelerator firm, Obvious, which he left Twitter for, alongside Ev Williams—although that last bit is pure speculation. But why wouldn't you back a product you were launching yourself? Sheesh. Other Obvious projects include Lift, Branch, and Medium.

Stone was very chuffed last week to find out he was an "inventor," after the USPTO granted him and Jack Dorsey a patent over Twitter's unique message broadcasting system.

What do you reckon is meant by the term "native mobile"? Answers in the comments, please, we haven't a clue!

[Image of Bompas & Parr jelly by Flickr user Food Stories]