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Somersby Cider Ad Is More Apple Than Alcoholic Apple Juice

Do you want the 16 pip or the 32 pip version?

Somersby Cider Ad Is More Apple Than Alcoholic Apple Juice

Somersby, the cider brand owned by Danish brewing firm Carlsberg, has just launched in the U.K. And, rather than take the road traveled by most cider brands, emphasizing its organic apples, its rustic orchards where only the juiciest fruit is picked by rosy-cheeked and comely maidens–shall I go on?–its debut ad focused on a different sort of Apple.

Picture the beautiful Somersby store, a symphony of glass and pale wood, with its workers, all in bright green T-shirts, cheering each customer who comes through the door as summery music plinks away in the background. There’s talk of docking systems, single- and dual-core versions, and of course the interface–between glass and mouth, that is.

Do you think Apple, famously protective over its brand and image, should have a quiet word with Carlsberg, or is it a storm in a pint jug? Did you enjoy it as a creative piece of work, or do you think it’s just too derivative for words? Answers in the comments, please.

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