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The Code War

American Express Confirms Site Was Hacked: Report

The hack is just the latest in a seemingly frightening series of hacking campaigns against major banks.

American Express Confirms Site Was Hacked: Report

American Express confirmed on Thursday that its website has come under attack by hackers, according to a report in the New York Times. The news comes as authorities say that a number of banks and retail stores have been infected with malware that has been systematically targeting Point of Service stations and ATMs to steal credit card numbers and bank information.

The American Express hackers, according to the Times, seem to be the same who targeted other major banks over the past few months. Security officials told the newspaper that the group claims to be retaliating for an anti-Islamic video posted on YouTube last fall, but may actually be a cover for an Iranian government-sponsored group.

As of publish time, the site seems to be back up and working again. Until the next major hack, at least. To read about some more recent hacking incidents, click here and here.