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Barbara Walters Retiring In 2014: Report

The legendary newswoman is said to be calling it quits next year.

Barbara Walters Retiring In 2014: Report

Is Barbara Walters planning her retirement for 2014? A new report on today says that the legendary newswoman will be calling it quits next year, after a more than 50-year career that has made her one of the most recognizable and respected faces in news. Of course, rumors of Walters' retirement have swirled for the last few years, but according to the Deadline report, ABC will spend her last year on air with a big sendoff and retrospectives.

Walters has changed the world of journalism, especially for women. She was the first female co-host of the Today Show, and has been known for her work on 20/20 and the co-creation of her show The View.

[Image: Flickr user UN Photo]