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Amazon Acquires Book Reviews And Recommendation Platform Goodreads

Amazon has agreed to acquire Goodreads, the popular book review and recommendation platform for an undisclosed sum.

The San Francisco-based Goodreads, which launched in 2007, currently has 16 million members who have added a total of 525 million books to its catalog, as well as 23 million reviews. Users can track books they've read and are planning to read, as well as get recommendations.

PaidContent's Laura Hazard Owen points out that Goodreads switched from Amazon to book wholesaler Ingram for its book data in 2012 due to API restriction's on Amazon's part. A section of Goodreads' current API description, for example, says developers who want to use its "Find books by title, author, or ISBN" documentation will not be able to include books that are Amazon-only editions.

Now that it's acquiring the company, Goodreads will undoubtedly switch back over to Amazon's book data, but it's likely Amazon won't be too keen on sharing all that information Goodreads has collected and shared over the years about reader behaviors.

[Image: Flickr user ginnerobot]