How To Know It’s The Right Time For A Career Leap

AHAlife founder Shauna Mei believes that if you’re truly meant to do something, the moment of clarity will be easy to identify. And if it’s not, don’t take the leap.

Before she founded the luxury e-commerce hub (and one of 2013’s Most Innovative Companies), Mei had a “dream job” working in investment banking at Goldman Sachs. And yet, her entrepreneurial vision was at the forefront of her mind.

“I went to my boss and said, I’m thinking about starting my own company. What do you think?” said Mei. That boss told her that the fact that they were having that conversation meant she wasn’t ready. And he gave her some revealing insight on how she’d know the time was right. A short while later, his premonition proved correct, and she left Goldman to start AHAlife.

Shauna Mei

Despite the fact that she was jumping into the ring with industry titans like Gilt Groupe and Amazon, her gamble has paid off. AHAlife’s high-fashion, hyper-curated platform is turning heads in the e-commerce industry and in less than 3 years, the company has expanded to include 45 employees, 187 countries and it now accepts 48 currencies worldwide.

Bottom Line: Knowing the right time to break out means waiting for “a moment of clarity where you’re absolutely 100% determined that this is what I’m meant to do.”

[Video produced by Shalini Sharma // Camera & Edit by Tony Ditata]CW