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Where Are They Now?

Big Data To Fight Traumatic Brain Injuries

UCLA is testing a big data platform which predicts dangerous complications in traumatic brain injury patients.

Big Data To Fight Traumatic Brain Injuries

UCLA's Neurosurgery Department is testing out big data software which can prevent complications in patients with traumatic brain injuries. The university publicly announced details this week of an ongoing study of brain injury patients where doctors use a system developed by IBM and Excel Medical Electronics to predict rising brain pressure before it occurs.

Excel and IBM's product is processor-intensive and monitors thousands of data points per patient in real time collected by bedside equipment at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. The platform, based on IBM's InfoSphere Streams software, was obtained through a $1.2 million grant from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke to develop a predictive alarm system for intracranial pressure.

"The field of big data analytics is evolving to include new kinds of data from sources such as medical monitors, giving us insights into patients that weren’t previously possible […] We believe that UCLA’s promising research may one day transform the way that doctors and nurses interact with patients inside the neuro-intensive care unit," said IBM Research's Martin Kohn.

[Image: IBM]