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Ouya Games Console Starts Shipping To First Customers

The Kickstarter-funded, $99 device is expected to shake up the gaming industry.

Ouya Games Console Starts Shipping To First Customers

Ouya, the cube-shaped gaming console that won all its backing on Kickstarter, has started shipping units, reports the BBC.

The system, which runs on Android, rapidly raised over $8 million in investment, and is expected to disrupt the dual hegemony of the gaming world, where Sony and Microsoft reign supreme.

To this end, it offered developers $45,000 at the beginning of the year if they could conceive and create a successful game in less than 10 days.

It's already got its own distribution deal for games, after it struck a deal with OnLive's cloud-based library last year.

And yesterday, the firm released all the specs and dimensions needed to 3-D print your own Ouya case.

[Image by Flickr user ouyamania]