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Facebook Gets Thumbs-Up To Build Second Menlo Park Campus, Designed By Starchitect Frank Gehry

The 433,555-square-foot building will connect to the existing offices by underground tunnel. Cue privacy jokes.

Facebook's office space is expanding. The firm got the go-ahead from the Palo Alto council on Tuesday night to build a second campus at Menlo Park. The project will be designed by Frank Gehry and is expected to be an "extremely long" 433,555-square-foot building that will connect to the existing offices via a tunnel running under the Bayfront Expressway, which will divide the two campuses.

Will the new one look like a spaceship? Too soon to tell.

But we do know that Gehry's original designs were, it seems, too flamboyant for Mark Zuckerberg and the firm's other executives—one idea had the ends of the building flaring out like the wings of a butterfly—but he has apparently toned them down, according to Gehry's creative partner Craig Webb.

"They felt some of those things were too flashy and not in keeping with the kind of the culture of Facebook, so they asked us to make it more anonymous," Webb told the city council at the meeting, on Tuesday evening.

When completed, much of the white stucco building will hidden thanks to a rooftop park, which will feature oak trees. "Our intent is that it almost becomes like a hillside, with the landscape really taking the forefront," Webb said.

Cue Facebook privacy jokes.

[Image by Flickr user chronos_tachyon]