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What Facebook Mobile Users Are Doing

Checking newsfeeds, replying to friend statuses and finding new apps, a new study found.

What Facebook Mobile Users Are Doing

So what are people doing in all the time they spend scrolling Facebook on their mobile devices? A new study by research firm IDC sponsored by the social network found that users are most likely to be checking their newsfeed (82% of the time in fact). If they’re not doing that, the firm found, 49% are responding to friends’ updates and 38% are posting updates of their own. Also found in the study: 7% are finding new applications to use through Facebook.

“We expect application discovery on Facebook to grow as people share and users seek simpler, more direct ways to find great applications and experience,” the study’s authors wrote.

The study also found some interesting facts about smartphones in general including that 79% of users check their smartphones within the first 15 minutes of waking up and the same amount of users have their phones near them for all but two hours of the day. To read the whole report, click here. To read about Facebook’s new moves to make its site more mobile friendly, click here.

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