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Netflix Goes Sci-Fi With "Sense8," A New Original Series From The Wachowskis And J. Michael Straczynski

Netflix just announced an idea for a sci-fi series—something Hulu's current CEO told us months ago he wanted to pursue.

Netflix has announced plans for another new forthcoming original show, Sense8, a sci-fi thriller in partnership with the Wachowskis (of The Matrix fame) and Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski. Sense8 is the second original show Netflix has announced in two months—the first, a children's show in partnership with DreamWorks, will begin airing in December.

As with its first two original series, Lilyhammer and House Of Cards, Netflix will make all 10 episodes of Sense8 available for instant streaming.

Interestingly enough, sci-fi is a niche that Netflix competitor Hulu's interim CEO, Andy Forssell, has told Fast Company he was interested in pursuing:

"In the end, look, I'd love to do an hourlong sci-fi show. We have the audience. But it's really hard to do that at budgets that make sense not just today but a few years from now. But as special effects get cheaper that will change. Over the next few years, that will change. You'll be able to do an hour sci-fi show that's really well done, great writing and great acting, and all the expenses … so I think everything's going in the right direction."

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[Image: Wikimedia Commons]