Rumor: The Apple Television’s Big Secret Is 4K Resolution

You know what’s better than 1080p? Four times as many pixels, dude.

Rumor: The Apple Television’s Big Secret Is 4K Resolution

Chinese high-tech-manufacturing industry-observer site Digitimes is sharing a bold new rumor: That when Apple does venture into the strange and wonderful world of TV making, it will distinguish its television set from many others in the market by using next-gen “4K” display tech. This means the screen would have 3840 by 2160 pixels, which is about 8 megapixels…or roughly four times as many pixels as your paltry “full HD” 1080p TV currently has.


The set will also allegedly use voice and motion/gesture controls and use Net connectivity.

LG is purportedly tipped to deliver these “ultra HD” TV screens to Apple, and may even be able to ship them in time for a late 2013 launch window.

The rumor certainly tallies with Apple’s push for higher resolution screens on its mobile devices, and even supports Apple’s long-held belief that the only way to enter a new market is by revolutionizing it. Speculation that Apple is getting into the TV game has been increasing over the last year, although Apple seems to have avoided using a spring window in its hardware release schedule to launch a new product.

Separately, Intel (erstwhile Apple supplier and arch-rival) is said to be in final discussions with TV networks about securing content for its own next-gen TV push.

Would ultra-high resolution be enough of a feature to tempt you into buying a new HD TV?

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