IDC Data Confirms The Post-PC Era: Tablets To Beat PCs

Tablet sales may surpass desktop PC sales this year.

IDC Data Confirms The Post-PC Era: Tablets To Beat PCs

First folks laughed when someone pretty smart suggested we were entering the “post-PC” era.


Then sales of tablets skyrocketed and it looked like the revolution may be coming sooner than anyone expected.

And now IDC data confirms it: An analyst company predicts that tablets sales will surpass desktop PC sales this year and portable PCs next year.

IDC looked at 2012 sales data and discovered that tablet sales were up 78.4% over 2011’s figure, reaching a total shipment volume of 128 million units (which is one new tablet sold for every 54 people on the planet). Plotting this sales trajectory, the IDC’s predicted that 190 million will be sold in 2013, or one new tablet for roughly every 36 human beings (which means the installed base for tablets will be much bigger than this, of course).

The IDC also found that “smart connected devices,” i.e., all mobile devices that connect to the net (including tablets), were up 29.1% on the previous year with over one billion such devices shipped in 2012. These devices created a market worth $576.9 billion.

Statistics like this will be good news for all sorts of companies and tech genres, including wearable technology–especially since Apple, Samsung, Google and others are expected to venture into this space soon with products like smartwatches and head-worn displays.

Are you a member of the post-PC generation? My kids are–non-touchscreen devices get prodded anyway.

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