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Google Sending Out Invitations To Project Glass Winners

Who will get their hands on the golden Google ticket?

Google Sending Out Invitations To Project Glass Winners

Exciting news for all those who sent their ideas into the Google project #ifihadglass in hopes of getting their hands on the brand new Google Glass: Your pair may be on its way. The company announced Tuesday afternoon that invitations to join the Google Explorer Program are on their way out through Twitter and Google Plus. "We’re thrilled to be expanding the Explorer Program and we cannot wait to meet our new Explorers," the company said in a post.

The company added in a Google Plus post that the contest winners were all individuals, and it hoped to be working with businesses at a later date.

For more on the Google Glass click here, here and here.

And of course, if you get a magic invitation, please tell us in the comments section.

[Image: Flickr user Infocux]